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 Experience You Can Count On

Paul Macnamara has been working in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for more than 15 years, and he has experience working in some of the most competitive areas of the web.  Much has changed since the early days of web search and Paul’s expertise in analyzing search engines algorithms has provided him with a keen insight into the complexities of web search as well as its likely evolution in the future.  The ability to understand the dynamics of search engine fluctuations within this ever-changing environment as we move forward is critical for businesses that want to succeed on the web;  Paul’s ability to allow his clients to “bulletproof” themselves from significant changes in search engine algorithms can ensure their future continuing success.

Penalty Diagnosis And Recovery Consulting

Google has become far more aggressive in taking action against sites that it believes are not worthy of being included in their search results or that they believe are using artificial means in order to achieve a higher ranking.  Often, site owners jump to conclusions when their site loses traffic and they make poor decisions and waste resources in attempting to resolve the problem without a proper diagnosis. It is absolutely critical to have a full understanding of the reasons for this loss of traffic before a successful strategy for recovery can be formulated and implemented.  Paul offers highly detailed site audits that examine all aspects of a site along with a comprehensive analysis of its historical analytics in order to diagnose the reason(s) for the drop in traffic.  He then formulates customized solutions for recovery based on those findings.

In the case of manual penalties, Paul uses proven methods that have been effective in getting penalties revoked.  The entire process of a thorough link audit, a highly detailed documentation of link removal efforts, and a creation of a disavow file and the writing of your reconsideration request can be handled entirely by Paul; he can also assist your in-house team by recommending best practices in order to get your penalty lifted.


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Paul’s solid reputation in this field is his strongest asset; he tells it like it is and his no-nonsense approach to challenging problems is highlighted by his transparency and ability to communicate his ideas and strategy in a straightforward manner. To see if you are a good fit for Paul’s services, contact him  for a no obligation consultation.